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A minor achievement

Canadian Peace Keepers

There isn’t really very much to say in this post.   Every now and again you finish something that has been knocking around for ages, never getting done.  And reducing the pending stack always feels good.

I am often negative about QRF models.  Usually it is WW2 rather than Post War (generally the Post War/Cold War models are far higher quality)  … occasionally  also crews and figures (none of which really match up, these days).

The Ferret Armoured Car seems pretty good, but assembling it, it looked wrong.  Also, I always rather liked the early simple model – and there’s a nice picture of some Canadians in a white UN one (in Sinai, I think).   So the delay (if I own up, of more than a year, I think …) was just down to deciding to get the knife at the top to hollow it out, and fixing the overall look – the most obvious issue being the wheelbase looks all wrong.

Anyway, I got bored with seeing it in the box the other evening and just did it.   The wheel alteration was a crude as chopping the axle in half and mounting them up with a big gap in the middle (this then got blanked in later, because, as a consequence of opening the top of a QRF model, I need to put a floor across the otherwise hollow model).  The wheels and stubs were just glued where they looked right.

The commander figure is a PP French Policeman with a spare (PP) head (I think from a Brit Para driver … but, basically, one from the spares box that happened to have goggles on the helmet …).  No problem, I thought – he really will be a French Canadian.

The sand channel was stolen from some WW2 (FoW) Italians, and the aerials are bristles of my trusty floor brush (now my normal source of 15mm aerials).

I hope you like the results.  I must confess, I’m not always confident when it comes to white vehicles in these smaller scales: white and cream are my usual dry brush colours and clearly aren’t great on white vehicles; equally, leaving lots of black showing when painting block colours over a black undercoat (a la Flames of War ‘house style’) can look … err (not wishing to offend anyone …).. too ‘Flames of War house style – ish‘.   I was quite pleased with this – I think – slightly understated version …

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