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Just adding a bit more eye candy.

These pictures come from the first try-out of some Spanish Civil War rules.

The Nationalists came out of their trenches and attacked en masse.  Which gave us a good opportunity to see Chris and Graham’s kit set up.  The mechanisms were a bit too labour intensive to play the battle through, but may serve as a starting point for a future game.

The Republican position had some International Brigade with a dug in A/T gun holding the ridge line.

Nearer to us …
Some Peninsula Army in the cluster of buildings …

And some Assault guards in the olive grove nearest the camera.

The Nationalists were a mix including Foreign Legion, Requetes, Moroccans and Civil Guards(Spanish Foreign Legion)



They also had some Panzer Is which didn’t contribute much (some wild machine-gun fire into the olive grove) … and some devastating artillery (hitting on 7 or less on a D8 with 4x the firepower of an infantry stand) …

The attack never reached the ridge … the Assaultos held the olive grove with some determination, but the village and everything in it was easily destroyed by the artillery fire.

Tenacious Assaultos

The Republican Commander was last seen jumping into a FAI armoured car that was heading out of town …

Clearly some more planning back at Headquarters is required …

There will be more of this.  It already looks good, but the best is yet to come.

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Humvee reviewed

I have added a couple of recent PP items on the reviews page (P.B.Eye-Candy Reviews)

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