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The President’s Birthday

Here are some chaotic scenes from a far away land where order seldom manages to emerge from chaos.

The President's Birthday: terrain by Graham, Airport and forces by me.

‘The President’s Birthday’ was a trial game I staged last week … Doubling up as pre-Christmas ‘lots of toys’ multi-player game and as a test of some ideas I have had on the back burner.  It certainly allowed the toys to come out and reminded me what bits and pieces remain unfinished.

The Birthday parade

(Astute followers of warlord procurement will see the Dictator has just taken delivery of three tanks paid for by a sympathetic backer)

We had some fun with despite it not being sufficiently tested and corrected to work very well.

(access onto the battlefield at the other end of the table was under a precarious railway viaduct)

One of the key roles in the game was that of the Press Corps some of whom can be sen roving the area in a red Soviet jeep, taking pictures and film footage of the day’s events.    Many of the key players in this troubled land will not like the coverage they get in the western media.   But will there be coverage in the western media?


(Press Team almost perfectly positioned to film this dramatic scene!)

However, sometime reality gets too close for comfort …

(chaos … as well as scattering the Press, the bungled second run on the convoy very nearly ripped open the UN Peacekeeping force)

The President’s big day just went from bad to worse … not only did the shipment of WW2 vintage artillery (picked up in an arms bazaar … you know the story..) not turn up,  a riot started at the Airport, somebody nicked his speedboat – and then a war broke out …

One of the photographers in theatre getting distracted by village life

(Peter Pig figures and models: village by Graham, figures by Chris)

Then again, that arms convoy was just asking for trouble

Although they did attempt to escort the convoy (because they wanted to borrow some of the heavy lift equipment – must be Brits, then) … the Un observers spent most of their time observing (and very likely making some tea) …

Viewed through the viaduct: UN vehicles laagered up

(QRF vehicles  – some with Peter Pig crew figures added)

Although the ‘game’ left much to be desired, it reminded us all how much we like AK47 ‘classic’ (and that it has been over a year since most of the kit came out – we have agreed we must do better) … When (and if) it works, I will publish more on this emerging scenario.

But we might be due some unit features anyway.

See also (Wargaming For Grown Ups) for some additional comment …

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