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Tidying up the outgoing year

Next up will be a blog covering the latest Spanish Civil War adventures at Chateau (Shedeau?) Trebian …

But I’ve also been loading up a lot of pictures of Russian vehicles on the review page – the main gist is …

T26 Z 01

Currently at the top of the page I make a short appraisal of the new BA-10 from Zvezda Art of Tactic ..

Zvezda's BA-10

Zvezda’s BA-10

… and in a longer overview (scroll down the page) of what around for 15mm early WW2 Russian armour, a little bit of this as well

BT-5 rocket artillery tank

BT-5 rocket artillery tank

Meanwhile, on the modelling page, I’ve added a short homage to NQM …

blitz tanker 02

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Colonial PBIs 01a

Another of those ‘finally off the work table’ projects.

I picked up a bargain bundle of Peter Pig WWI Germans on the rummage table at COW ages ago with a view to turning them into generic European soldiers in Africa for WWI and the ’20s through 30s’.    They were just begging to have their pickelhauben swapped for sun hats.

Colonial PBIs 08

In fact, the head swaps are such a simple task I did them quite quickly … but the painting and basing has had to wait.

See the modelling page for more on head swaps.

As I say, the intention was quite generic … however I couldn’t resist pinching some attractive eagles off some Black Hat/Gladiator Romans … and despite the German kit and British sun hats, I think this lot are happiest when the trains run on time …

Colonial PBIs 02

I had imagined these chaps in Abyssinia or East Africa … but just in case they ever make it to the Western Desert, I have allowed them to liberate an old Humber Recce Car for their commander to ride around in.   The Motorcycle is a BMW solo with a BF Breda on the handlebars, ridden in that exuberant way that would get you into a lot of trouble when you hit a patch of soft sand.

Colonial PBIs 03

I have a Battlefront Sahariana detachment, and those packs provide a lot of weapons options that go into the spares box.   Given to the little piggies, they make for plenty of support options.  Here are a few more details …

Dug in Anti-tank Weapons

Dug in Anti-tank Weapons

Chris K gave me this broken gun which I fixed up to provide some HE support … it uses my standard ‘magnabase plus shims’ method to swap between limbered and unlimbered … but in this case the limbering is just some unlucky PBIs given some ropes and told to get hauling!

Artillery Support components

Artillery Support components

I am very pleased with how these generics have turned out.  For operational use, they will allow me to configure various scaled forces from brigade to divisional size, while for PBI, I can see them both defending objectives in scenario games and giving me some dismount options for Sahariana patrols.

And they might also suit NQM – which has been on a desert theme for quite a while, now 🙂

Colonial PBIs 06


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