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TCHL 2013 01

This is an addendum to my general report on the event (Ancients on the Move/History Live!)

If you are like me, you will like pictures of military vehicles and Kit!   And I wouldn’t want to disappoint!

TCHL 2013 02

TCHL 2013 03(this old Citroen truck was being pressed into service towing a Nebelwerfer rocket mortar)

TCHL 2013 04(Gulaschkanone: I’m building a 15mm one as an admin/log stand for some German infantry, so a chance to get a look was welcome)

TCHL 2013 04a(some useful details, perhaps)

TCHL 2013 05(happily, this young lad does not seem bothered by issues of political correctness)

TCHL 2013 06(OK … I like pictures of nurses …) …

TCHL 2013 07(… and motorcycles …)

TCHL 2013 08(… and jeeps with guns …)

There was, of course, a full range of displays and enthusiasts to explain them …

TCHL 2013 09

… and there was a Bolt Action game in the wargames tent … OK, 28mm, skirmish-type, warlord-type but that’s what they do … and the Russians seemed to like it almost as much as icecream …

TCHL 2013 10

TCHL 2013 10a

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A busy season has meant it seems a while since the last post … but I have been chipping away at a number of projects …

I have jiggled a few things around in order to take advantage of the recently issued Peter Pig Quad Maxim and Rocket Crew packs …

Quad Maxim Review 01


Rocket Troops 01

These packs a great and are a bonus addition for anyone using Zvezda‘s inexpensive Art of Tactic trucks.    See P.B.Eye-Candy/Reviews for my take on these figures and some more pictures …

Just in case you thought the Quad Maxim system was limited to the Red Army and Finland … here’s a picture of one in Spain …

Quad Maxim in Spain

I have also added a some pictures of the Gaz-A Staff Car build on the Modelling page

Gaz A 07

And I’ve been playing around with some terrain features for use in AK-47  scenarios … There is more to come when we get a few more games under our belt, but here’s a taster …

Storage vessel 02

I think I will need to rework the rust effect on the storage vessel, but the container (off the back of little lorry in a playset from Poundland) came out nicely …

Storage vessel 04

Storage vessel 01

This modern industrial terrain might make a little feature of its own in the fullness of time …

However it is COW next weekend so I need to get back to the work table …

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