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New Zvezda 02 reduced(Zvezda 1:144 Henschel HS 126 built, painted and photographed by Phil Steele)

I’m very pleased that some of the aircraft Zvezda promised over 2 years ago have finally arrived … the two scout/utility planes in 1:144 (an HS 126 for the Germans and a PO2 for the Red Army/VVS) and the 1:200 JU 88 Bomber … (sadly the Soviet SB2 is still only ‘available soon’)

Although I should be doing more important things, I have bought assembled and photographed these within a week and am feeling very happy with the results.  See the Reviews Page for more details …

N Zv Ju88 02

N Zv PO2 02

N Zv 126 02

I hope you like the fancy picture of the HS 126 against a beautiful blue sky … I think it is splendid.  I got the blue sky up on my computer held the model up in front of it and took the snap!   The sun effect is the flash from my old Canon compact (it took a few goes to get that angle optimised, and I then had to spend a few minutes on Paint to remove the stand and tidy up – but not bad for a bit of old fashioned fakery)

New Zvezda 01a(Phil’s five minute fakery … )

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