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The Steyr Kfz70 is Forged in Battle donated by Chris Kemp.   I have added a FoW Breda and some Peter Pig crew figures and put it into the Raggruppamento Sahariana motor pool.

RSI 01s

RSI 02(Steyr Kfz70 pressed into desert service by the Raggruppamento Sahariana)

I have been looking around for some suitable figures, should the soldiers wish to dismount and engage the enemy on foot.  So lightly equipped desert soldiers, mostly in short trousers with a jaunty array of irregular headgear.

Nothing much doing.  In the end I found a pack of AK-47 professionals in the Peter Pig range – they are ideal save the SLRs and jungle hats.  The weapons can be adapted, of course, and I have chosen Bersaglieri heads and various arab styles from range 6’s separate heads …

RSI 03s

RSI 05s(close-up of the dismounted crews … PP figures from the AK-47 range with heads from Range 6)

Here they are with some of the other vehicles …

RSI 04s


Meanwhile at CoW I ran a more ambitious development of my naval game … the scenario was Sink the Bismarck

COW 2015 08s

A lot of positives came out of the game and after the scenario and rules have been published in the Nugget, I will see if some more polish can be achieved and will share them – probably here.

COW 2015 09s(Bismarck takes a critical hit from Prince of Wales)

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