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Acc Apr 16 and T60 01

While at Salute I picked up some of the recent Zvezda releases including a new light tank for the Red Army and a couple of generic/African straw huts from The Square

Acc Apr 16 and T60 02

At £1 each, they will make nice additions to my AK47 resources (and having had a little play, I will pick up some more in due course) …

Inexpensive also describes the T60.  Like most of the Zvezda stuff it is also pretty good (also good and pretty) … nicely made, assembles quickly (and unlike some of the wheeled vehicles, everything fits pretty well so no expletives needed when putting it together) …

Acc Apr 16 and T60 03(Zvezda’s T60 clips together in minutes)

The plastic takes a Humbrol undercoat well although a delicate touch is required to bring out the shallow detail well when you dry brush …

Acc Apr 16 and T60 04

Acc Apr 16 and T60 06(Zvezda 1:100 T60 Light Tank)

Acc Apr 16 and T60 07

I did a more detailed review of the Skytrex and Battlefront models a while back (Reviews page half way down, now edited) to which this new Zvezda model is a worthy competitor … it gets the turret right and has a nicely modelled gun … Here it is alongside the others ..

T60 redux 01

T60 redux 03

NB that the Battlefront/Flames of War model has had the storage bins and other details stripped to represent the glider-convertible A40 variant …

Acc Apr 16 and T60 11(my T60 family)

So a good value addition to the current options and a useful wargame model.  I like it.  And nice to get some more kit into the collection during what has been a busy time with other commitments.

Acc Apr 16 and T60 12

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Apologies for not having posted recently … commitments in other periods and activities have taken over much of my time … but I did manage to get back to an outstanding project …

You might remember the review I did (reviews, scroll down for it) of the excellent generic Warbases buildings …

Stalingrad generic 00

Well, a while back, I bought a few more with the intention of using them as a sort of kit – to make a more iconic Stalingrad building by linking and tampering with them a bit.

OK – well they have hung around for quite a while but I had a play the other day …

Stalingrad generic 01(Stalingrad project … 2 Warbases buildings, some cut up bits and some Warbases windows/doors)

I made one or two adaptations to corner link the units, plus I cut a couple of card segments for the entry.  The doors are just 4 ‘windows’ from a Warbases accessories pack.

Stalingrad generic 02(and here it is stuck together)

Stalingrad generic 03

It isn’t a scale model of the Univermag store, of course – it is just a generic building (but I hope it will add a little more plausibility to an abstract broken cityscape).

More anon with paint and figures …

Stalingrad generic 04

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