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TBP tram 01

If you are in the UK it is a Bank Holiday weekend … gardening, relatives, second-guessing the weather etc.

Now I’ve got plenty of proper painting to do – but I picked up this die cast tram in the Bring and Buy at Triples for a £1 or so earlier in the year and it has been asking to be painted ever since: so to add something different, here it is.

It is generic (I’m not making it out to be anything in particular … and doubtless it will find its way onto the streets of Stalingrad although all the trams I have seen in Stalingrad pictures are single-deckers … ) … so all caveats apply.

It is a bit of fun, nevertheless …

It has had the usual treatment (break it apart; undercoat it all over in Humbrol black, then dry brush it back to life) – no idea why this simple method works so well on die cast toys but I really do like the effect.

TBP tram 02(toy tram repainted for the wargame table)

… and a clear acrylic base as I generally use with non-military items …

Not sure of the manufacturer … and size-wise I guess it is more like 10mm or 1:144 (but that would suit my ‘one scale down’ usage for buildings and infrastructure) … anyway, for compatibility, here it is with some 15mm figures …

TBP tram 03(figures by Peter Pig, (work in progress) building from Warbases components)

The partisan figures are a PP mix – I think some ‘U Boat crew’ and some SCW types … and the building is that Stalingrad one – still not finished …

TBP tram 04

TBP tram 05

TBP tram 06

… so I think quite viable in a 15mm environment and a nice bit of ‘street furniture’ …

I have enjoyed myself this afternoon – and it is nice to have a little one off project that can be done and put away in a session (and nice to keep up with my regime of buy it and paint it in real time)

What should I really be doing (other than clearing some stuff in the garage)?  Well I’m actually working on my PBI Sahariana patrol … and it is nearly complete … (I’m doing bits and bobs in tandem with painting the tram and some other little fixes) …

TBP tram 07(Sahariana patrol in 15mm for PBI: figures (mostly by Peter Pig, Vehicles by Battlefront, Skytrex and FiB)

Some of the kit will be familiar but I’ve never completed an actual ‘all in one box’ PBI company – but I reckon it’ll all be done by tonight.

Will take a while to photograph and edit up for you, however – so I hope you enjoy my little tram for now …

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