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November’s output on 20th Cent. wargames projects hasn’t been that photogenic – but I thought you might like the painted version of that Laffly armoured car Butlers released last month.

I’ve added a crewman (a Peter Pig French motorised crewman cut at the waist) and a mast aerial (there probably should be 2 – a further one on the front) otherwise it’s fresh out of the pack.

Butler’s Printed Models: 15mm Scale White-Laffly AMD 50 armoured car

With the naked eye, the printing striations don’t really show up at all. I will probably replace the guns with metal Piggie ones in due course – but for now, I wanted to make it as supplied.

Regards the aerial, the bedframe types were more common (or none at all) but some photos do seem to show mast types …

Yesthatphil’s 1:100 White-Laffly AMD50

Painted with my usual mix of enamels, acrylics and inks. All I would say is be careful of the direction when you dry brush in order not to accentuate the printing ridges.

One more picture from my researches to end the post. It doesn’t really help modelling or painting the AMD50 but it has an airship (in 1930s Morocco!) in the background (so it automatically makes the cut!)

More on the horsedrawn projects next month.


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