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Just briefly to post some ongoing stuff … NQM Chris donated some plastic and resin 3D prints which has triggered a ‘high command group’ which will fit over the Rostov Germans. It prompted this mash of a Zvezda Blitz with an old Matchbox toy radio truck body to provide the communications element.

The clothes line aerial is, of course, some bent wire (a paper clip, if you need to know!) … I think it will look bang on when the new parts are painted in. Elsewhere, there is a Protze Staff car full of PP orderlies and officer – and a PzI Flakwagen (crew by PP, trailer by FiB) to give some protection. The (Pz I) resin is much lovelier than the plastic.

I also decided to put to bed this heavy lift fuel tanker which has been sitting on the desk for ages. It’s made up of old toys and was going to supply the French armour at El Alamein – but when the Orbat came through for the big game, I didn’t need it -so force majeure, it got pushed to the side as the kit in the game took priority. I think its time has come, though.

Next month, I should be back to the horsedrawn projects – and who knows, I might get a game (as in toys on table, players in the room moving them … rolling dice … ) … We await in anticipation.

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