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This was a very rewarding and well organised event at one of the best wargames venues imaginable (the Defence Academy) …

The day comprised three phases …  Phase One: the Soviet Offensive in which I got to command the German 11th Infantry Division (the tougher part of a mixed Romanian/German front line) … Phase Two: a German armoured counter-punch (which ran simultaneously with the ongoing Soviet Offensive) in which I got promoted to command the 19th Panzer Division … and Phase Three: during which the organisers put away the toys (their way, so better done in peace) while the rest of us clambered over the vehicle collection and listened to a very interesting explanation by Tom of the pros and cons of slopping armour and big turret rings.

Here are some pictures …

Phase one:

11th ID holds the line

The Soviet Offensive builds up (still taking them out of the box at the far end of the table)

Powerful Soviet forces pinned us down while the main thrust broke through

Phase two:

19th Panzer Div assembling at Kharkov

Sharing my axis of advance with Soviet air missions returning from Kharkov

Furthest German penetration of the Offensive: 19th Panzer overruns another Soviet forward air base

Phase three:


Debrief: priceless insights

Debrief: actually learning something …

For a full analysis of the game, the plans, the realities and the orbats, see Tim Gow’s ..

Krisis at Kharkov pt 7

Krisis at Kharkov – von Rapier’s report

Krisis at Kharkow – Opening Moves

A Grand Day Out – an air Umpire’s morning

And much more about the web.

Nice venue, Tom … nice lunch, Kiera … nice game, Tim … nice toys, RMCS … great victories all round!

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This one’s for Chris and Don …

Soviet Jubilee Parade

This is the NQM/Megablitz early Red Army Mechanised Corps I’ve been working on (just the vehicles, but with some of its later upgrades thrown in …)…  Still plenty of work to do but it could hold a little corner of the battlefield, I think.

Not to be outdone, Wilhelm von Apell invited his friends over for a quick photo …

The teeth of von Kleist’s 1st Panzer Armee

22 PZ and some asscoiated vehicles.  Even fewer real tanks!  Unfortunately I am in the midst of other projects, so I don’t have the space to get the infantry out at this stage (so we’ll have to content ourselves with drive by parades!) …


President Boyo gets in on the act (of course!)

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