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early morning recce?

Some further pictures from our recent game of Bayonet and Ideology from Peter Pig‘s RFCM stable.

Graham discusses the game on Wargaming for Grown Ups –  I’m happy to let him tell the story … all I’ll say is that the game works OK but uses the same basic engine as PBI (so I think we all had a few issues with those bits of PBI which don’t work entirely perfectly but which we have fixed in the way we play the World War Two version of the game) …

Here are the pictures:-

a general view of the basic layout of the table

(the bright number denotes the objective square – of three)

(all figures by Peter Pig from Graham’s collection)

few survived the bayonet assaults for the buildings around the courtyard

we kept the red flag flying there …

But in the end the anarchist flags continued to flutter while most of the murderous Moroccans had fled the fight.     We captured a few  … hmmm … decisions, decisions …

RFCM, Bayonet and Ideology

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