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Parades Season 2019

Paris Parades 02aEver since Tamer got this 3D puzzle (and completed it) for Christmas, I have wanted to drive trucks under it … it’s that kind of structure.  I’m sure you will sympathise.

Paris Parades 01

So, given it’s that time of year again, I thought I’d get a parade in before the Red Army drives by …

Anyway, I’ve featured quite a lot of my Soviet collection of late – so here are some of the poor relations.

Of course, although it is nowhere near big enough to fit with 1/100 trucks, it’s massive by wargame standards and difficult to get it all in.  But I drove trucks under it and that’s the point.

Paris Parades 03

Paris Parades 04(Wehrmacht Eiffel parade … 22nd Panzer Division takes the lead … )

Of course the main German parades were down the Champs d’Elysees and under the Arc de Triomphe for obvious reasons so this is the hithertoo unseen record of the units on their way to feature in the better known pictures …

Paris, Wehrmachtsparade

Paris Parades 07

Paris Parades 08a(figures are, of course, 15mm, mostly Peter Pig with PP, Skytrex, BF, QRF and Zvezda vehicles – oh, and some FiB like that Ammunition Schlepper in the picture …)

That done, I know the internet loves carpark scenes, so here are 22nd PD and 5th SS Motorised parked up prior to the parades …

Paris Parades 09

Paris Parades 10a

Obviously, re the pictures, if it’s colour, it’s probably ‘toy soldiers’, if it’s black and white, it’s likely Bundesarchiv material.  Ahem …


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