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A Laager of admin and HQ stands belonging to Von Kleist’s First Panzer Army …

I completed the BMW motorcycle combo that has been on my table for weeks, and made a Staff car out of a Field Car I picked up from Skytrex at Salute.

These are mainly for games at Operational level, adding a Kradschutzen stand, and some transport for the higher command.

Kfz 21 Staff Car

The KFZ 21 is converted from Skytrex’s KFZ 16 model.  There are more details on the modelling page, but note the ‘real’ windscreen.

The BMW is PP‘s recently remodelled German Motorcycle combination.  I have done it straight from the pack (pretty much), and in a radically modified ‘parked’ version.  This is partly for ‘mounted/dismounted‘ use at the more detailed level of PBI, but mostly because I wanted to have a crack at the extreme conversion challenge of stripping the model down to basics.

BMW combination – crewed and uncrewed …

All I need now is to complete 1 GBJ Div. which is short of a motorised anti-tank abteilung – a towed 50mm (although for the Operational game, the precise size of the tubes isn’t that significant, of course).

I think the bikes came out very nicely – there are a few more comments on the reviews page

Things are coming together for a more detailed approach to the Battle for Rostov scenario, maybe in the summer.

(Peter Pig and Skytrex vehicles, Peter Pig figures and a ‘shrunk’ minitanks AA gun dismounted from its PP truck)

Somewhere in the Ukraine, Summer 1942 …

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