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Zvezda KV 2 added …


Amongst other bits and pieces, I picked up a Zvezda 1/100 KV 2 at Derby at the weekend.  I’m not sure why I haven’t added one of these to my collection previously – anyway, that omission is corrected.

In truth it is a very nice model, and goes together quickly – the plastic is quite hard and the detail crisp and clear.  As usual, my model was assembled using superglue, undercoated in Humbrol matt black enamel before blocking it in Vallejo acrylic Russian green.  The finish is a blush of Humbrol grass green and a dry brush of Humbrol linen.  This was all done on the same evening over a few hours.   The model was left on the radiator while I made dinner so the black undercoat was thoroughly dry.

KVII 05(Zvezda 1/100 KV 2)


KVII 02a

The only fiddle I have made was to add a bow MG muzzle (sorry – couldn’t resist) … and the finishing colours were just given a once over (there might be some merit in tidying up but I was keen to get some paint on it and get back to other projects) …

Even so, as is often the case with Zvezda, the detail and surface is good enough that a simple job looks quite presentable (I think …) ..

More soon on lots of Russian artillery kit ..



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