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Scharnhorst 01

Couldn’t resist when I saw one of these in the model shop when calling in for some Humbrol enamels (I undercoat in Humbrol and they are hard to get from shows …

This is not a new kit but seems a bit rare – I was pleased to get one and ignored a few higher priorities to get it made and painted …

Scharnhorst 02

At £7.50 it wasn’t too bad: although quick, unlike Duke of York/PoW,  it was a PITA to assemble (nearly all of the holes needed a twiddle of my file before any of the parts would plug in) …

Scharnhorst 03(Revell’s 1:1200 Scharnhorst kit)

OK – it’s not absolutely finished … there’s a bit of touching up and varnishing to do – and all of the recent ship accessions need basing up but it’s good enough to put away for now under the buy it and use it rule.

Scharnhorst 04

Here are some more pictures …

Scharnhorst 05

Scharnhorst 06

Scharnhorst 07

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