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A Day Out at Warfare …


I went to Warfare for a day out with the Society of Ancients, and in amongst the usual duties, I got to do some shopping and play some games …

There were a good number of 20th Century games … I particularly liked …




This wintry landscape was a compelling demo of Chain of Command inspired by the Band of Brothers Foy episode.

I don’t do 28mm skirmish games but this one was worth the hype.  We had a long chat … one of the passers-by had even worked on the original programme (and he was impressed too) – well done everyone!



So … Schweinfurt … well this was a Staines game and this time you get to play the heroic fighters who sortie out to repel the American bombers.   Nicely done – but it is futile … everyone is shooting your way, flak and Fortress 50cals …

warfare-2016-20c-03(Schweinfurt: flying into the bomber stream)

So, you are taking damage all over and, realistically you need to get lucky with your limited gunnery to do much damage to the big beasts … I set a couple of them on fire before all my ammunition was spent (and as you can see only just got out in one piece …) …


So, some traditional stuff and some good ideas … in all, I enjoyed this German take on the bombing war.

The shopping is also worth reporting …

In amongst a bundle of Zvezda boxes, I got a couple of Russian trucks (actually Katyushas, but that’s because I’m adapting them so opted for the extra wheels).

Anyway … hurrah!  When I got them home and started a build, it turns out to be a new sprue … and gone is the lousy bend and clip engine cover!  Now you get 3 pieces, top and side panels, that pop onto lugs on the engine!  Yes they have listened to our moans.  This is the sprue …


… and, ‘work in progress’ …


… a nice neat front with none of the frustration that used to be part of this package.

Given the Zis 5 model shares a sprue with  Katyusha, I’d assume Zis 5s have got or will get the same improvement.

worth sharing I think.  I was very pleased with this chance discovery!

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Apologies to everyone who has been missing their regular dose of P.B.Eye candy.  It has been a very busy spring for me … Everything from working on the big ECW reenactment event at Naseby in the Summer (Naseby 370) to running my Harfleur game at Salute (SoA at Salute) …

But I have been taking an interest, and here are some splendid 20th Century exhibits from the big show …

Salute 2015 16(Salute: the Battle of St Vith)

Salute 2015 17(Paul T running a Bolt Action Pegasus Bridge game)

Salute 2015 18(Rob running the new PBI game ‘PBI Company Commander’)

Salute 2015 19(detail)

Salute 2015 20(20mm action from Batlegroup Blitzkrieg)

Salute 2015 21(Peterborough’s elaborate Dambusters challenge)

Salute 2015 22(Great War: the Turkish lines at Gaza)

I also saw this eye-catching use of screens at Hammerhead

Hammerhead 15 01

And an intriguing historical scenario from the Great War featuring an impromptu attack on an airfield by a scouting cavalry patrol …

Hammerhead 15 02(1914: French cavalry behind the lines at the Battle of the Marne)

Some good ideas, there …

Things to come?  We’ll be back with Operational games on squares shortly, and I’m giving a talk on war art later this month.  At CoW my simple naval rules will get a run out using some components of the Battle of the Denmark Strait.

Meanwhile, out of period perhaps, but don’t forget you are invited to the Naseby 370 event on 13/14 June.

2014-15 Yearbook 75

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